Advanced Energy Audit


** Only available in Cape Town **

Given the electricity price increases from Eskom, the audit will help you understand your energy consumption and identify saving opporutunities.

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Product Description

Given the electricity price increases from Eskom, the audit will secure the continuity of your business by effectively managing your electricity demand and billing, by improving your social and environmental impact and reducing your carbon footprint.

The audit involves a non invasive, direct measurement of current through the physical cables delivering power to identify electrical consumption at your premises. The audit also comment on the efficiency, physical condition and programming of mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment and thermostat.

The audit includes:

  • Measure a complete week of consumption patterns. Different periods of consumption can be accomodated.
  • Simple and comprehensive report
  • Identify potential savings with different levels of investments over a number of years
  • Assess your environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • In the assess & reduce service, the team draws a clear path with recommendations and achievable goals:
  1. Modification of site practices to reduce demand Identification of small cap ex upgrades with fast payback
  2. Identification of large cap ex upgrades with medium term paybacks
  3. Determination of redundant equipment still drawing supply Identification and elimination of poor site practices leading to unnecessary electrical demand.

Your business will have the opportunity to purchase the installed monitoring equipment and continue to monitor real time consumption 24/7 from anywhere with our internet bridge.


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