Saving water on World Water Day.

There is download (1)effectively 18.6% of usable drinking water left in the city’s dams‚ said mayoral committee member for informal settlements‚ water and waste services and energy‚ Xanthea Limberg.Cape Town has roughly 103 days of useable water left in its dams.

World Water Day is a day set aside (22 March)  to remind the world about the importance of conserving water, by making consumers more aware of their consumption habits.

South Africa is no stranger to water shortages – highlighted by the ongoing water crisis in the Western Cape.

De Lille, the mayor of the City of Cape Town, said the water saving was not an excuse for residents not to carry on reducing consumption.

“There are so many great water ambassadors. Without you, we would have been in more serious trouble,” she said.

Capetonians are facing level 3B water restrictions for the first time, which limit the use of potable water.


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Saving water on World Water Day.

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