Spring energy saving tips

A new season and a new approach to saving electricity and money. Powertime provides you tips on how to make the most of your energy!

Spring has sprung and we can feel the days get longer and warmer as summer approaches, encouraging us to hibernate less and embrace the change of seasons. But with the change in season comes a change in our electricity consumption. Powertime presents you some ideas to save electricity as spring takes over and summer quickly approaches!

Servicepowertime-air-conditioner-electricity-save all air conditioners

As the weather gets warmer our air conditioners are used more often. By servicing your air conditioner you can ensure that they run as efficiently as possible. By cleaning or replacing filters and cleaning your evaporator coil you can save up to 15% on your air conditioners energy consumption in addition to prolonging the life of your air conditioner!

Open youropen-window-powertime-fresh-air windows and doors

Avoid using your air conditioners all together by opening windows and doors to create a cross breeze which will cool your home or office space naturally as well as introduce fresh air and the smell of the flowers outside. If the outside temperature gets too high then close the windows and doors to trap the cool air inside and maintain the inside temperature.

Make use of ceiling fanspowertime-ceiling-fan-energy-efficiency-saving-electricity

Ceiling fans efficiently create moving air which makes the room temperature appear cooler and therefore reduce your reliance on air conditioning. Personal fans are also good substitutes if you do not have a ceiling fan and can be more efficient if you only wish to cool a specific area.

powertime-braai-save-energy-electricity-powerCook outdoors

With warmer temperatures and longer days the braai becomes more common. Not that South Africans need an excuse to have a braai but it is also a great way to save on electricity since natural wood fires replace conventional ovens which use electricity and in addition there is less heat generated inside the house making for a cooler environment indoors.

Make use of bathroom extractor fanspowertime-bathroom-extractor-fan-save-energy-efficiency-electricity

Bathroom extractor fans are small fans that pull the air from inside and blows it outdoors. They might be small but they are perfect for removing hot air and humidity after you take a shower or bath. This will ensure that the hot air is not kept inside creating a requirement to further use electricity to cool your household.

Contrpowertime-sunlight-natural-window-electricity-save-energy-randsol sunlight with blinds or curtains

During the day you should take full advantage of the increased sunlight by opening blinds or curtains. This way you can turn off all artificial lighting and make use of the free, natural sunlight. If the room gets too warm you can close the blinds or curtains to reduce the amount of heat generated indoors.

Powertime hopes to have provided you with some interesting and practical ideas to save on energy! By making use of these basic tips you can make sure to save a considerable amount on your monthly electricity costs and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle at home while having some extra money for when you decide to go out and take advantage of the beautiful weather.


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