Installing a Solar Water Heater

Save up to 25% more on your energy bill!

As we all are probably aware of, the water geyser is arguably the most straining and piece of equipment and one of the biggest contributors to your energy bill. This in itself is a major reason why it’s a good idea to ditch it in favor of something a little more, sustainable. But let’s get delve a bit deeper:

It saves electricity. This is obvious, since it does not depend on electricity to warm up your water. So what does this mean? In essence, if you are saving electricity in turn it must follow that you are saving money. How much you may ask? According to research done by the City of Cape Town, on a average, a family of four can save around R65 000 over it’s life-span (15-20 years)




Ease your mind. Yes, it might seem very expensive at first, with a 200l solar water heater costing around R23 000 to install. However, you would get back the investment for the installation within 2-4 years. With the electricity tariffs set to increase over the next coming years, this is a smart investment for your home.

If you can’t finance this investment through your bond, you can contact your municipality to find out which city accredited service provider might offer financing options that would assist in the purchasing and installing of your new solar water heater.

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Installing a Solar Water Heater

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