Free Basic Electricity?



We’ve had a lot of queries asking about Free Basic Electricity (FBE), so let’s have a closer look at what free basic electricity is using the 4 W’s:


FBE is free electricity deemed to be sufficient enough to provide for basic needs and is subsidized by the government. These are offered to municipal customers through the municipality according to their own set criteria. Some municipalities limit these to households who consume 350-450 kWh per month.


This depends on your municipality, but allocated unit amount could range between 25-60 kWh. This also depends on which qualifying tariff you are on.


FBE tokens are available on the first of every month and they are valid for one month only.


You can claim your FBE token by dailing *130*269# from your mobile phone or contact your local municipalityto find out if your qualify and how to apply.


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